Jacob Haish Mfg. Co
DeKalb, Illinois

 44 Years of Innovation & Invention
Manufacturer from about 1872 to 1916

   Jacob Haish was born in Germany on
March 9, 1826.  Jacob immigrated in 1832 and became a well respected businessman in DeKalb, Illinois.  He died just about eighteen days short of his 100th birthday on February 19, 1926.  Please click on Jacob's History for much more information.

Jacob Haish's Portrait

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Haish's legacy of philanthropy still lives on in the 21st Centry at
Kishwaukee Community Hospital

in De Kalb, Illinois
"S Barb"
Patented: August 31, 1875
Patent #167,124

Above pencil sketch drawing was copied from one
of the most comprehensive books about barb wire collecting:

 Barbed Wire Identification Encyclopedia
by Harold L. Hagemeier
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